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About us:

AGROTRADE is a private company established in 1988. as a small family bussines, which in 1999. rises in Agrotrade d.o.o. for agriculture and trade.


Company is founded in Knin where management, trade and accounting offices are located.


Agrotrade d.o.o. is registrated as a company for agriculture and trade, and its fondamental activity is trade and distribution of seeds, plants, artificial fertilizers, means for plant protection, pasture, agricultural utensils, equipment for fruit and grape growers, wine producers, equipment for cattle breeding, and all other repromaterial for agriculture.


New Agrotrade's shop is called POLJOTEHNA. It sells agricultural equipment like motor saw, mower, corn mills, moto-cultivator, irrigation pumps, spraying pumps, tractors and auxiliary machines for tractors, parts and equipment and all other goods for gardening and similar activities. It has also electrical, manual and construction tools, screws, irons, chains, abrasives materials for professionals and for "do it your self " works, plus all types of irons for locksmith works, thin sheets, profiles and similar.


We sell quality materials to our clients, and we can give advise and offer aditional services with kindness and skillness. Our cooperation with suppliers is founded on good relations and mutual respect.


Today, Agrotrade d.o.o. has two exeptionaly well equipped POLJOCENTAR (Fieldcenter) with warehouse of 2.600 m2, out of which 400 m2 of closed and 2.200 m2 open and fenced space. We have a truck with a trailer of 25 tons, and light combi vehicles of 1,5 tons for faster and cheaper supply and delivery of goods. Agrotrade d.o.o. has seven employees and whole bussines is done using up to date techical and computer equipment.


We ask all companies within Europian Union and from all other states whoes products could enrich our assortment, to contact us and send their advertising materials for eventual bussines cooperation.


Advantages of Agrotrade d.o.o. company on the market are:  


- wide assortment of high quality goods on sale
- skillfull and kind personell
- fast goods delivery
- various ways of closing claims

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Management and warehouse:
Ulica Frane Cote 6
22300 Knin

Phone numbers:
00 385 22 - 664903 ; 664904

Fax number:
00 385 22 664905

Contact person:
Marijan Grgić
e-mail: marijan.grgic@agrotrade.hr

e-mail : agrotrade@agrotrade.hr
web: http://www.agrotrade.hr